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Gratitude: Not Just for Good, But for Lack of Bad

Paying it forward, passing it along, whether “it” is in reference to kindness, generosity, wisdom, or information (the latter two of which are not mutually interdependent), in my opinion, is one of the most important actions in life. In contrast to its pathological expressions, such as stealing or mindless echoing, passing along the good is the simplest and most convenient way to make the world a better place.

My friend and brilliant comedian, Myq Kaplan, introduced me to the newsletter of James Clear, and in the most recent note from the latter was another great example of passing it along, as Clear quoted Oscar Wilde: “If you don’t get everything you want, think of the things you don’t get that you don’t want.”

In the past three months my wife and I have endured all of the typical good and bad that comes with having a newborn … at times some of the “bad” has admittedly been not so typical, but at least typical to us and our issues. For everything that has not gone according to plan, everything that has felt like hell or at least disappointment, I’ve often reminded my wife that the baby is healthy, smiling and laughing daily, and in our completely unbiased opinion, the most beautiful baby in the world.

The gift and curse of being a health care provider is that every day in clinic we get a front row seat to just how bad things can get. On one hand it is a great reminder to be exorbitantly disciplined in our self-care—to constantly improve with the awareness of our vulnerable mortality. On the other hand, it can turn us all into the Woody Allen’s of holistic medicine, wondering if every skin tag, every 48-hour period of indigestion or insomnia might be a precursor to some formal diagnosis. Obviously, such neuroses are heightened for first-time parents, maybe especially for those of us of a Semitic background. To bring this stream of consciousness full circle, a former best friend of mine, Tre, used to echo his Caribbean father’s fortune cookie wisdom: Be glad that you have your problems. Somewhat synonymous with Oscar Wilde’s saying, and a reminder that most of us, in our darkest times, can find gratitude in particular voids of suffering.


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