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Chinese Herbal Medicine In-House

As many of you know, I mostly use Kamwo Pharmacy for herbal prescriptions, as they have an enormous selection that allows for greater flexibility in customizing formulas for each individual. However, there are a few products that I keep on hand from the company, Botanical Biohacking, as they use premium grade, organic herbs, and have one of the top reputations in the country for quality of care.

From left to right:

AQUADA is a formula that comes in the (tiniest) pill form, and contains only two ingredients, atractylodes and phellodendron, with the intention of reducing inflammatory dysbiosis in the urogenital microbiome. This is commonly prescribed for tendencies such as urinary tract infections, yeast infections, gout disease, jockage, infertility, neuropathies, or any other condition where a pathological blockage is creating issues “below the belt.”

WARM HEARTH is a more complex formula, that also contains atractylodes, but within the context of many other herbs to both complement and balance its potentially systemic drying effects. Put plain and simple, the intention of Warm Hearth is to reduce old, stuck, fluid retention and dysbiosis in the gastrointestinal microbiome. It generally makes people pee a lot, and then subsequently thirsty for plain water, which is the antithesis of a vicious cycle and something we are trying to encourage. It can be great for weight loss, acid reflux, asthma, and a whole host of other stomach and lung conditions where the root cause of the pathology is trapped phlegm in the collaterals.

Finally, BAO HE WAN: This is a dangerous combination—not because the herbs are remotely dangerous—but because it is nicknamed by many herbalists as “The Green Light” remedy, to kind of do, eat, and drink as we please, at least for a night or a few nights here and there. This formula is not from Botanical Biohacking, but it is loosely based on one of their other brilliant creations designed to either purge old inflammation from the gut or mitigate the side effects of brief indulgent gluttony. I always keep it on hand, frankly because we live in America, where it could arguably be the most indicated combination in all of traditional medicine. A great bottle to have on hand entering the holidays, but again, definitely not something that will ultimately absolve anyone from not having to exercise, eat cooked vegetables, and avoid sugar.

Keep in mind that this is holistic medicine. Just because you may have seen your condition listed as one of the indications for any of these formulas does NOT necessarily mean it is the correct one for you at any given time. Each individual has not only our own unique pattern, but a pattern that is ever-changing as we change, either with the seasons, with fluctuating stress levels, workloads, improved or degenerated levels of health. It is important to always consult an herbalist who diagnoses based on patterns, not symptoms, when prescribing “natural remedies.”

In the meantime, know that because these are a few of my favorite and most commonly prescribed formulas, they are always on hand at the office, and potentially available should we determine them appropriate for you. Please do not hesitate with any questions about whether real, actual holistic medicine is appropriate for you right now.

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