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Thank you for visiting my site! Within we hope you'll find all of the information you need regarding acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and how it can work for you. My special focuses are in physical pain, cerebrovascular and/or neurological conditions, however as this is holistic medicine based on pattern diagnoses, I am experienced in treating all forms of illness. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing how I can assist along your healing journey. 


David Foster 

Bienvenido a mi sitio! Disculpame que no he traducido la pagina enterra, pero si tienes interesa en recibir acupunctura, las hierbas o mansaje, eso es todo lo que yo hago como los partes de la medicina China. Aunque tengo experiencia de tratar todos los condiciones, mi especialidades son el dolor fisica y la salud neurologico. Si tienes preguntas o quieres hacer cita, me puedes contactar a   646-242-7621, o davidfosteracupuncture@gmail.com.

I am in network with Empire Blue Cross, and accept Cigna, Aetna, & United as an out of network provider. 

To confirm benefits please email to us a picture of your insurance card along with date of birth and we'll respond as soon as possible. 

Please note the office does enforce a 24-hour cancellation, after which we charge half the price of one visit. Thank you :) 

I chose to study Traditional Chinese Medicine partially for what I soon learned was the same reason most of my colleagues in school did: For the positive experiences I first had as a patient. The second reason was a combination of my possibly wide-eyed optimism and my passion for our investigative process of diagnosis. Unlike western medicine, most forms of holistic medicine never believe there is no cure for a particular disease or symptom, or at least hope to reduce its severity. The reason is because we do not diagnose based on levels that assign labels, but instead on symptoms that determine patterns. This makes our medicine more intellectually challenging to practice but ultimately more effective when successful. Every individual has a pattern, which means every disease has a pattern, which means there is potential to balance it for the better. Accurately determining the many layers of a patient's pattern can be almost as challenging as treating them, however this is the investigative part of medicine that excites me most. I love my patients who are fully committed to getting weekly acupuncture, taking herbs and changing their diet to overcome great physiological obstacles - though I equally love those who use me more casually and come only for a monthly "re-set," or as needed. It is a huge compliment and honor to be trusted to do what we do, and there is no better feeling than the observation of objective results for the better. 

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