Our Philosophy: 

"We believe the transformation of the human body from disease into balance can be likened to the transformation of darkness into sunrise or yin to yang: A beautiful, subjective process that requires experienced eyes to see the whole picture and properly affect change. How we get there depends on our own self-care, as well as who we choose to guide us. 'Doctor,' in Latin, translates as 'Educator," but has been lost in translation." 


- David Foster, Clinic Director




There are very few clinics and practitioners that treat the kinds of conditions we do in the way that we do, non-invasively, with all natural medicinals and innovative techniques. For this reason we will never waste your time, asking you to come more often or stay longer than you need to. We wish to see as many people as possible who are truly in need of our help and insight. We want to help YOU achieve your health goals so that you can feel confident in sending us your loved ones with similar goals.



We will never judge your medical treatment decisions. One of the strengths of holistic medicine is in its ability to work effectively, either independent of or in conjunction with other modalities. We will always offer our clearest opinions and knowledge about how certain choices might affect you, but our goal is to support YOUR decisions without judgment.



We are transparent in our clinic, keeping the ethical principles of ancient Taoism in mind when dealing with all of our clients and cases. All of our treatments and services are evidence-based and rooted in the intention to heal and help. You will never be mis-led, taken for granted, or asked to do anything that all parties don't agree upon as the safest, most intelligent option. Along with successful clinical results, earning your trust and comfort is our absolute top priority. 



Holistic Medicine does not have to necessarily be slow or weak. Although there are complex cases that require continuity or trial and error, there are just as many who may experience instant results. We want you to heal and improve quickly and for you to not need us as soon as possible. To that end we establish treatment plans designed to get you where you want to be, then send you back into the world as your best and newest self. At that point it is up to you whether to continue on a monthly maintenance plan as "preventive medicine." 

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