The Chinese Medicine perspective on diet is similar to the Mediterranean, with one major distinction: We encourage that all foods, especially in cold weather months, be cooked and consumed warm. Chinese Medicine does not believe that steaming, sauteeing or roasting food cooks out its nutrients, but instead that cooked foods are more easily digestible, hence the nutrients more easily absorbable and compatible with our body temperature of 99 degrees.


We mostly discourage smoothies, fruits, bars, salads, yogurt or cold drinks, as cold constricts blood vessels, which inhibits circulation, which taxes metabolism. Our perspective is that just because something literally contains nutritious ingredients doesn't mean it is so within the context of our bodies. (READ MORE)

We condone an omnivorous diet that is 60-80% vegetarian, depending on the individual and time of year. We believe the reason red meat has such a bad reputation is because Americans have historically eaten it in too much quantity and not enough quality. Grass fed beef in small portions and fatty, wild fish are considered indispensable to long term health. 

  • Avoid processed foods, fried food, sugar and white flour.

  • Eat while seated and remain seated for at least a few minutes afterwards for optimum digestion. 

  • Avoid plastic and microwaves. Get a HOT-LOGIC

  • Leafy greens like kale, spinach and collards should appear at least once a day. Lettuce is not a leafy green. 

  • Use olive oil, not only to cook with, but also to drizzle over top of your food on the plate. Click HERE to ensure you're purchasing brands that offer its true health benefits.

  • Never skip breakfast, as the morning is when our body is most insulin-sensitive, which is to say metabolically strong. Food should serve as our "checking account" energy to begin the day. When we do not eat or eat inadequately our body must tap into its "savings account," thereby depleting the adrenal glands and creating disease. If you are committed to intermittent fasting, better to fast on the back end when the body becomes more insulin resistant. 

  • Caffeine is OK in moderation to varying degrees based on the individual. Tea is most advisable, but remember if the tea comes as powder in a tea bag it is not tea, and you're not getting the medicinal benefits. This is tea dust scraped off of factory floors. Best brands are BushwickDragon Tea, Mariage Freres, or The Apotheca

  • Eggs are a quick and perfect breakfast, as they are a warm source of protein. Please get them hormone free, and eat the yolk too, as eggs are a source of good cholestrol, not bad as previously thought. If you don't get them from a farmer's market seek Vital Farms brand.

  • Bone broth is the best source of iron, collagen, and hemoglobin. Any woman on her period or after giving birth, and really anyone at all going through cold winter months should have a small cup of this every day. You can PURCHASE ONLINE or easily make it yourself with this slow cooker recipe.

  • Salmon and some white fish are packed with healthy fats that help metabolize fat and nourish the brain.

  • Almond butter, dark chocolate, chips and hummus are great ways to satiate sweet cravings.

  • Exercise 3-5x/week, depending on the season, your age and body type. Important to sweat and raise our heart rates, but equally important to not over-do it, a la hot yoga or Crossfit. 

  • At least 5 days a week avoid consuming anything after 8pm besides water or herbal tea. It is best to eat in 11-12 hour windows of the day, leaving the metabolic system a full 12-13 hours to fully regenerate. If you're interested in exploring the ketogenic or FASTING MIMICKING DIETS please CONTACT ME on ways to begin. 

Eggs & vegetables daily! Sometimes sauteed, other times roasted, sometimes olives & beans added, always olive oil and sea salt! 

When you have things like pasta or meat it should be in small portions and with cooked vegetables. This pasta is gluten free & vegan w artichokes, cannelini beans & onions, oil & garlic! 

Bokchoy, tofu, mushroom soup

Crispy salmon, upside down, turmeric cabbage, grape leaves

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