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How to (Emotionally) Survive Mercury Retrograde

About a week ago I started to notice my aging laptop struggling to start up, freezing, and requesting permission for the kinds of back-ups I didn’t understand. With any old computer we know these preliminary hiccups to be inevitable; nonetheless they always catch us off guard, interrupting the planned flow of life and work with an enormous inconvenience, ironically incited by this source of enormous convenience.

A few days later, while lying in bed I stretched my arms up, then dropped them down as I’ve done thousands of times before, this time accidentally knocking my favorite coffee mug off my nightstand, sent crashing onto the floor, in spite of having placed it in the most familiar location.

Why is this all happening? Then I remembered there was a Mercury retrograde upcoming in January. I dutifully googled the dates only to confirm that my absent-minded clumsiness and technological woes could once again be attributed to the planet Mercury moving in reverse, which is often the cause of miscommunications, travel delays, technological problems, odd accidents, and a whole host of pragmatic shit just not working out.

If you’re like me, a Gemini (or Virgo), Mercury is your “ruling planet,” so these few periods throughout each year can be especially challenging and disruptive. If you’re not like me and you deem all of astrology as kooky hogwash, I offer these questions for thought:

· If the sun and moon from so far away can have such a constant and obvious impact on us physically, is it so far-fetched to surmise the planets might impact our psyches?

· What would the ulterior motive be for contriving the paradigm of astrology? Skeptics can cite power as a motive for religion, and finances as a motive for medical charlatans or psychics, but what would be the motive for deceiving the planet that astrology is real? There is no money to be made, nor control to be had. To read more on this pontification, check out MY ARTICLE that was published years back in ELEPHANT JOURNAL.

I digress… Mercury Retrograde isn’t all bad. It is known to be a time when old friends (or lovers) happen to reach out or run into you on the street. Last week I spoke to an old friend for about an hour who I’ve probably only seen in person twice in the past two years, and when I think about it, I may have never actually spoken to him on the phone before, ever! As “Mercury…” is also not the best time for action, it is a good time for planning and organization.

Mercury returns direct on February 3, however it is still “wonky” for 1-2 weeks subsequent. For those who are so inclined I offer the following advice:

· Double check emails and texts before sending to make sure you’re saying what you want to say and that you’re sending to the right person!

· Back up, back up, back up all important files and technology.

· Don’t sign any important contracts or make life-defining agreements.

· Wait to have difficult interpersonal conversations if possible.

· Wait and take an extra breath before reacting in interpersonal exchanges if possible.

· Try to exercise more patience with your phone, internet & computer. Shit will happen.

· Look both ways when you cross the street! Seriously though… be careful. These are the kinds of times when people roll their ankle by stepping oddly off the curb, bump their head into the kitchen cabinet, or… knock their favorite mug off of the place it’s been situated in all their lives.

· Leave early—there will be delays!

Finally, take care. Personally, I’ve found Mercury Retrograde to be times where I’ve struggled more with anxiety or insomnia symptoms, both of which can lead to a whole host of other systemic imbalances. There is no direct connection between acupuncture and astrology—except maybe that both are heavily subscribed to by our kooky cross-section of the population—but obviously Chinese Medicine can offer wonders in restoration of psychological harmony. BOOK NOW 🙂

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