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How To Combat Fall Allergies

It isn’t every year that I get Fall allergies, but when I have experienced allergies in the past it’s always been of the Fall variety, and it seems this year, with the arrival of a newborn and compromised sleep, they have returned.

I can’t say for sure how many years in a row I felt allergy symptoms this time of year, but I know I didn’t get them last year, and it’s been a while since they’ve been consistently annual. I like to credit this at least partially to the fact that with every year, or at least every couple of years, my discipline in self-care has improved just a little more.

In the past year what has improved has probably been my commitment to responsible eating times, moderate intermittent fasting, and meditation practice, the latter of which was probably most inspired by the fact that I had a baby on the way and know I absolutely must be my “best self.” I think in the 1980s a pregnancy lit a fire under most peoples’ asses to get rich and make tons of money. My hope for the present and future is it will light a similar fire towards our spiritual maturity. I digress.


Most likely it is my baby’s fault. With consistent sleep deprivation comes “qi deficiency,” which inhibits our metabolic and immunologic function, both of which play key roles in fending off allergy symptoms.

Another possibility is my appendix. It was removed this year! Contrary to western medicine’s historic void of understanding, the appendix — an ORGAN IN THE BODY — does in fact serve a purpose, and that purpose is to house part of the gut’s healthy immunological bacteria. I’ve lost some of my storage space, which could also be the culprit.


1. Broken Record Alert: In holistic medicine there is no such thing as “the herb for allergies.” I can see an herbalist —one of my mentors or colleagues — and get them to interpret my individual pattern to decide either what is missing or what is in excess that is making me vulnerable this time around. Sure, we can assume there is “qi deficiency,” but WHAT IS CAUSING the qi deficiency? I could be retaining systemic dampness due either to the lack of sleep or lack of appendix, in which case it isn’t so simple as to prescribe “qi tonifying herbs.” We must address every layer of the proverbial onion.

2. Acupuncture and moxibustion, especially at the point Stomach 36 on front of the knee, is great for supporting the qi at this time of year, specifically to do with immune function.

3. If I’m being lazy and/or symptoms are mild — both of which are thus far the case — I’ll take quercetin daily for a few weeks, an awesome supplement that derives from the white part of the grapefruit peel, and that usually does the trick. If you are interested in this quick fix and don’t require the heavier artillery of Chinese Medicine treatment, please inquire as to which brands are best. PLEASE DO NOT GRAB JUST ANY SUPPLEMENT BRAND OFF THE SHELF AT CVS. That’s like buying your produce at Gristedes or BJ’s or Morton Williams, Associated, or any crap American market. Be good to yourself. Be a snob.

And contact me with any questions!

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