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Happy Lunar New Year!



Happy Lunar New Year of the Yang Wood Dragon! Although I enjoy the psychological aspects of astrology very much, the forecasts and recommendations always land rather vague or obvious for me. I take them with the same grain of salt I do seven-day meteorological forecasts. For example, when Gemini is advised for the month to stop, rejuvenate, and take care of ourselves, I assign it about as much weight as I do when the News recommends I bring an umbrella next Tuesday.

The dragon is the most revered animal sign in Chinese astrology, so much so that many Chinese families aim to procreate during these years. As an aside, I imagine this might lay groundwork for a child that feels intense pressure to succeed, between the apparently already competitive nature of their parents compounded by the overcrowded classrooms and job markets they likely find themselves in. Nevertheless, the dragon is considered powerful and brilliant, fortunate, and successful.

The wood element is a strong one as well, typically motivated, proactive, angry, and determined. It corresponds with the liver and gallbladder channels, the former of which is yin and responsible for storing our blood and nutrients and sending them to the central nervous system. The latter of which runs up the entire sides of our bodies and acts as “the pivot” between our yin (organ level) systems and yang (immunological and neurological) systems. Neither of these channels, to my understanding, have any direct connection to their biomedical organs of the same name.

Wood is a creative element, which means a year of the wood dragon is a good one to succeed in creative projects by way hard work. But honestly, what year isn’t?

I will share with you from that some of the most promising sectors for business this year are in solar energy, cybersecurity, and AI. In my opinion, this does bear systemic logic. We can think of the liver as acting as cybersecurity for our healthy body fluids, and the gallbladder as parallel to the pivot created by solar energy between the sun and our devices. Pretty cool.

Supposedly lucky numbers for this year are 8, 14, and 21, and the auspicious color is emerald green. So, if you have to choose a date for something like a job interview, a performance, or an IVF transfer, maybe you’ll choose the 8th, 14th, or 21st, and wear an emerald green piece of clothing or accessory for it. Although, an emerald green suit on a job interview is likely inadvisable, unless it’s an audition for Broadway or to act as a Disney park character.

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