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A means not just to get pregnant, but to give your baby the healthiest, most perfect environment to thrive in, and you the most comfortable pregnancy and delivery possible. 
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While acupuncture is known for its ability to improve all conditions due to its inherently anti-inflammatory, pro-circulatory effects, there are certain fields of medicine in which it thrives more than others. Fertility and obstetrics are one of them.


Getting pregnant is one of our most natural bodily functions, so it stands to reason that natural medicine would thrive best at promoting it. Chances are you are not broken or destined to not realize your greatest dream. Chances are you may just need some simple tuning and readjustment to do so. We are absolutely honored to serve as your guide towards life's most special goal.

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How We Help You Along Your Fertility Journey

Core Factors Assessment - We do a complete assessment to determine what might be imbalanced, as well as a systems review to understand your underlying pattern. 

Simple Plan of Attack - Having an amazing pregnancy does not have to be difficult. We'll determine a clear, concise treatment plan that will absolve you of any guess work.

Fertility Acupuncture - We use proven acupuncture techniques to regulate hormones and increase healthy blood flow through the uterus. 

Targeted Internal Medicine - With the proper combination of simple dietary modifications and specified herbal supplements, we can improve fertility by up to 80%.

Ensure Lasting Results - Once having achieved gestation, we can support whatever pains or discomforts you have throughout your pregnancy, and help to ensure a smooth, healthy delivery.

** Individual results may vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied. Your results will depend on many factors. (full disclaimer) **

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

Acupuncture needles are the thinnest, most gentle needles in the world. Upon insertion you will most likely feel nothing, after which you may or may not feel a slight pressure point or nerve sensation to initiate the body's natural anti-inflammatory mechanism.

What are the needles doing?

When it comes to fertility, acupuncture excels at stimulating uterine pathways in a way that increases blood flow to precisely where it is most needed. 

How long do I have to come to see results?

A standard course of fertility treatment is 3 months. HOWEVER, in less challenging cases we are OK with couples beginning to try after two months. Patience is key, as we intend not only to get pregnant, but to remain pregnant, and have the perfect nine months to follow. 

Have you cured this before?

Of course. Every case is different, so there is never any guarantee of results, but this area is one of our specialties in which we've seen consistent improvement as well as full resolutions from consistent acupuncture. 

Will I be on a lot of supplements forever?

No. With herbal medicine we try to use the bare minimum to elicit maximum results and do not expect or desire for patients to be reliant on them in perpetuity. The purpose of our supplements is to help reduce inflammation and or regulate hormones to the point that the body no longer needs them.

Are these treatments safe?

Definitely. Acupuncture is considered to be one of the safest modalities in existence, with at worst the very occasional, mild soreness or bruise at the site of a point. As for herbal medicine, although it is BASED ON an ancient Chinese pharmacopeia, the products we actually USE & PRESCRIBE are harvested here in the U.S., mostly in California, Oregon, or upstate New York

** Individual results may vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied. Your results will depend on many factors. (full disclaimer) **

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These were two of my wife, Dr. Jillian Cohen's close to literally 100 acupuncture treatments she had throughout our first pregnancy.

38 weeks on the left as we prepared for delivery. 

30 weeks on the right as she dealt with some simple TMJ discomfort while admirably avoiding using her plastic night guard throughout the pregnancy.