My 9/11 and My NY... with love

18 years ago I was living with two best friends on 21st Street and 8th Ave. when the towers were struck. I’d graduated college two weeks before and had my whole life in front of me, while many others were forced to suddenly put theirs behind them. We spent the day on the block, listening to the news reports on our boom box (what would people do today?), which was probably more news than I’d listened to in my life cumulatively to that point. The smell of dust and the fires from two miles south grew eerier with every hour that it lingered over us. All day we watched as New Yorkers filed past our corner in what looked like some parade of defeated zombies, some disheveled and distraught, others

Just 'Cuz it's Common Doesn't Make it Ok

When my mom was a kid in New Rochelle one of her friends’ fathers used to go running around the neighborhood after work. He’d just run… for no reason at all. “Where the hell was he going?” everyone thought. What is he, out of his mind? Who just runs? Nobody else was ever seen running or sweating for any reason beyond suffering with the flu or menopausal hot flashes, which were also less common during an era of lesser stress and better food. Many years later we see who was out of their minds. The inability to not think outside the box is not only an inability to think outside the box, but also an inability to think at all. There are things about the status quo that most of us agree on: Saying

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