10 Rules of Thumb (to Reduce "Cell Phone Brain")

The great thing about cell phones is we can get in touch with anyone at any moment. The bad thing about cell phones is we can get in touch with anyone at any moment. There is a philosophical perspective that within each perceived curse is a potential gift, and each gift a potential challenge. Modern first world societies are not short on resources or stimulation, entertainment or technology. We have plenty. Tons. More even than most Sci-Fi filmmakers of generations past even could have predicted. As we continue to hold our collective breaths for the arrival of hoverboards, and meanwhile the tiny devices in our pockets can access an entire planet of information in seconds. Instead, what most

How Acupuncture Treats Insomnia

Everyone has their physiological Achilles heel - that which first acts up when they’re either under nourished, over stressed, or for some of us when it’s just that time of the year when our vulnerabilities expose themselves. One of my greatest challenges in adulthood in this respect has been insomnia, which wouldn’t you know it, is one of the more challenging pathologies to treat with Chinese Medicine (or any medicine) of course. Though that doesn’t mean we have nothing to say about it. From a “TCM 101” perspective sleep has to do with the body’s blood and yin (as opposed to yang), our cooling, moistening and grounding mechanism, appropriately. One “pattern” of insomnia is when a person has

No, That is Not Normal

My fiancée (the only medical doctor who I truly love and trust) and I have a running joke about patients asking on the heels of explaining a particular symptom: “Is that normal?” which we’ve collectively decided translates more accurately to: Tell me this is common and/or nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, nothing is normal, a nice metaphorical parallel to the more ubiquitously accepted platitude: No one is normal. We’re not, which makes abnormality the norm, however that which is “the norm” is not necessarily OK, i.e. “normal” in the way said patients wishfully inquire of us. Is our country healthy in general? Do we not have the highest cancer and autoimmune rates of any first world cou

Happy Year of the Earth Pig!

If you're a Jewish American acupuncturist (and there are many) you seem to find yourself wishing folks a happy new year from the middle of October constantly through the middle of February, as Rosh Hashannah falls during the former, January 1st in the middle, and the former is Chinese (Lunar) new year, which was this week! This year marks that of the Earth Pig. While most people have been made aware, via Chinese restaurant placemats or fun astrology blogs, which animal represents their birth year, many are not as much aware that the 12 animals also cycle through the five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal and water - to complete each 60-year cycle of the zodiac. So much like western astrolo

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