100 Days of Qi Gong

On Wednesday of this past week I completed my 108th consecutive day of a 20-minute Qi Gong practice, and then immediately dissolved into an exploding ball of white light and immortality. Okay, the second part is a joke, however I did complete the aforementioned exercise in continuity. I write this not to brag of course, but to share my experience. First, for those who are unaware Qi Gong is a martial system of slow movements coordinated with the breath to nurture our inner structure and/or organ system. On the surface it looks a lot to laypeople like Tai Chi, however the latter, in spite of its gentle appearance is a fighting form. Conversely, Qi Gong is wholly internal, a form of self-culti

Top 5 Ways to be A Good Patient

I feel it is no coincidence that patient (noun) is homonym with patient (adjective). Without wanting to sound like too much businessman who insists clients come back with regularity past the point of my helping capacities, it is important to come back. It’s important to wait through the healing process, which more often than not includes some degree of the experimentation process. “I’m not an experiment!” a client once insisted to me when I expressed this concept. Apparently it was a trigger for him, and he’d misunderstood my meaning. We are all experiments, especially those of us who act with intention and/or involve other parties (health practitioners) in our process. I digress. I apprecia

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