What Do I Eat... and Why?

In my opinion, any healthcare practitioner who is educated in nutrition and not requesting their patients bring in a 7-day food journal is not doing their job. Why? Well, if we can agree that food is medicine, which is a scientific fact, that means it is also potentially poison, hence either aggravating or helping any condition. I almost never prescribe herbs without first feeling confident that my patient is complementing said medicine in their diet. Obviously prescribing someone herbs to help with weight loss as they continue to consume fast food and sugar is like hosing down a house fire from the front of the house while someone sprays it with gasoline from behind. With that said, what ki

How to Balance Your Yin-Deficiency

Before we get into the symptoms of “yin deficiency” and how to address it, we first must define what is the “yin,” which is appropriately challenging with words, as few things are more subjective than yin, yang, or anything to do with physiology. Yin is the feminine. It is the nighttime, as opposed to day, the water element that opposes (or balances) the fire. It is the cooling mechanism of the body and the spaces between activity. Yin is the weekend, that beat between our inhales and exhales, it is all of meditation. It is sleep and rest, even a siesta during the day. It is the breaks we take mid-meal to actually chew and digest and converse with present loved ones. Yin is love, the “watery

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