How Acupuncture Treats Migraines

The first question I ask migraine sufferers when they come into my office is: “In which part of the head do you feel it?” Almost the entire differentiating philosophy of holistic medicine encompassed in one responding inquiry: There are many different diagnoses for one issue. Also, the same physiological pattern can express as many different issues. This principle sounds most convincing when read in the voice of an ancient Chinese healer, though its logic is apparent no matter the delivery or context. Many organ channels run through the head, which means any organ dysfunction can cause migraines, which is just part of the reason why treating it with acupuncture is more challenging than the a

What Side Effects Really Mean

According to WebMD, the most common side effects of the cholesterol lowering, statin medication, Lipitor, are joint pain, diarrhea, indigestion, “pain,” throat irritability, and urinary tract infections. The list of “infrequent” and “rare” side effects seems to drone on to the bottom of the page’s infinity, ranging in everything from hives to Hepatitis, depression and tinnitus. Most doctors and pharma companies offer no explanation for the great disparity in symptomatic expressions, but Chinese Medicine might. Every one of us has a different physiological constitution, something both Eastern and Western Medicine agrees upon, though only the former delves into much detail on it. To introduce

How Acupuncture Helps Weight Loss

Patients often come into my clinic inquiring whether acupuncture can help weight loss, and the go-to response I’ve come to develop is: “Can water put out fire?” It isn’t to sound arrogant or offer some professionally irresponsible guarantee of results, but instead quite the opposite intention of shining a light on the disparity between theoretical objectivity and reality. Acupuncture is medicine – not magic. I follow up that aforementioned rhetorical with: “Yes, we all know water puts out fire, right? But how many buckets of water will it take to put out a house fire?” Everyone is different. Everyone’s weight problem varies in severity and duration. Everyone’s lifestyle and dietary habits ar

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