Why I Love Practicing Chinese Medicine

On the heels of Chinese Medical school the struggle is real, as is the panic. When doctors graduate medical school they get a residency, which adds to a resume that will likely land them a good job. For an acupuncturist there is no such thing. Our options are part time gigs at community clinics where we pull in a bountiful range of $10-$40 per patient treated (yes, there are people making $10 for providing holistic medical care), or outside of New York you can get hired by a chiropractor. However most recent graduate students can barely afford rent, let alone a car to commute to Jersey. As if the practice of Chinese Medicine itself isn’t a great enough challenge, suddenly we are faced with h

Yoga, as it Relates to Five Elements

In downward dog - the default reset yoga pose – we press “kidney 1,” the wood point on the water channel, and “heart 8,” the fire point on the fire channel - into the earth, concurrently using the former to tuck our heart into our lap and the latter to push our kidneys into the air. What does all this mean? Well, first of all it means there is an intimate relationship between yoga and the acupuncture meridians. No surprise. I’ve been training yoga (off and on) for nine years, just a year longer than I’ve been studying Chinese Medicine, and my fascination with each have been mutually engendering. Chinese Medicine is complex – a paradigm one could spend lifetimes studying and still not fully u

"Dear Water..." An Apologetic Love Letter

Dear Water, I’m so sorry – on behalf of so many of my patients, also myself prior to my enlightenment some years ago. I’m sorry for neglecting and underestimating you, for taking you for granted and treating you like a second class citizen to medications or supplements, and all kinds of new formulas and “brilliant advances” that are supposed to increase my testosterone, decrease my aches and pains, and enable me to live forever with the face of my 30-year old self and cock of a 20-year old. I’m sorry. I realize now that they were all cheap tricks, all cheap whores who weren’t right for me and only out for my money, at best “placebo bitches” fooling me into thinking they were helping when rea

The Ancient Chinese Didn't Create Acupuncture Just For Back Pain... duh.

There was a recent TV equivalent of a blurb on NBC News promoting acupuncture as one of the many “new,” “alternative options” for alleviating back pain, and the frustration of hearing such late-to-the-party ignorance practically induced my own back pain in the process. Don’t get me wrong. All publicity is surely good publicity - especially good publicity. However I spent the wake of the media’s afterthought determining which word was more offensively stupid: “new” or “alternative.” Over 2000 years ago Acupuncture was not considered “alternative medicine,” but simply part of (Chinese) medicine that could treat anything under the sun, as it is holistic medicine, which just means it heals by im

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