David Foster, L.Ac. MS 

I am a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, having earned my Master's degree in 2013 from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. My training included four years of education in the principles of Chinese Medicine as well as cupping, nutrition and qi gong. I completed my externship at Housing Works' LGBT Center in Greenwich Village and have practiced professionally in Manhattan and The Bronx.


My two-year residency was under Dr. Frank Butler at Evolve Health and Wellness, where I studied oncology as well as tui-na massage for orthopedic issues. Additionally, two years studying Tianjin Hospital's approach to treating neurological disorders under Dr. Clayton Shiu, and I completed Botanical Biohacking's workshops on the use of herbal medicine and qi gong to treat autoimmune diseases and the microbiome. 


Although my present "weapon of choice" is yoga, I hold a black belt in Shorin Ryu Karate, and studied various forms of qi gong under the tutelage of acclaimed teachers such as Tom Bisio and William Kaplanidis. I am a regular contributing blogger to Elephant Journal, and worked for 15 years as a stand-up comic, performing all over the world and appearing on MTV, HBO, as well as many major festivals.


Chinese Medicine has helped me with my own issues with anxiety, eczema and a genetic gout disease, and I truly have no idea where I'd be without it. I subscribe to the principles of actual holistic medicine, which holds that a) the body is a system of interrelated parts, b) diet/lifestyle is half of every condition and c) there is no 1:1 correlation between symptoms and prescription of treatment. Everyone is a unique individual and should be treated as such. I believe a healer’s job is as much to educate as it is to treat, and through the intelligent efforts of patient and practitioner almost anything is possible.

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