David Foster, LAc, Dipl. O.M. 

David is a board certified specialist in the treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders, autoimmune disease, and pain management. After four years of graduate studies, in 2013 he earned his Masters degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and has done extensive continuing education in his fields of study, including a cumulative three years of voluntary residencies under Dr. Clayton Shiu and Dr. Frank Butler. When choosing an acupuncturist it is most advisable to work with someone with a long resume of continuing education. 


David's whole childhood everyone told him how healthy he was, mostly because his genetic constitution was thin, generally athletic, and energetic. “David can eat whatever he wants,” family members and parents’ friends would always say. “Look at him. It doesn’t affect him, no matter what he does.”


But from a young age David suffered with severe eczema on the top of his feet that got worse in the summer, especially when he played soccer or went skateboarding, which was every day. By his early twenties the gout disease he inherited from his father had surfaced, as did an odd anxiety tendency that expressed itself in the form of dizziness or migraines. He went to see a general practitioner, who spoke to him for all of four minutes before writing a prescription for Paxil. When he got home he put the medication in his drawer, skeptical and hesitant to begin down that road. He went to the bookstore and bought a bunch of books on how to manage anxiety and read them all. He started seeing a therapist and quit smoking cigarettes, and his symptoms calmed down. When he then discovered a passion for doing stand-up comedy they dissipated almost completely. David threw out the expired medications in his drawer.


A few years into his 15-year comedy career David started dating an acupuncture student. She taught him how to eat, introduced him to the martial arts, and got him excited enough about Traditional Chinese Medicine to eventually enroll in school as well. Now he is 20 years older, but as a result of Chinese Medicine and its dietary paradigm, he's probably 20 times healthier. David can’t remember the last time he saw eczema on his feet. Anxiety symptoms are rare, and gout attacks, which once plagued him annually, are few and far between. He never lived on medication and never will. David's personal experience has taught him that through the collective effort of patient and practitioner almost anything is possible. His mission and purpose is to help patients with challenging cases who are willing to put in the time and work to allow him to help them reclaim their balance and power the same way he once did his own.


David's Spanish is 90% fluent, and hence we can accept most Spanish-speaking patients. He was born and raised in New York, and presently lives in Jersey City with his wife and daughter, the former of whom is an Integrative Medicine Doctor at Weill-Cornell Hospital. The latter is a baby. In addition to studying his medical craft, David finds time every day to cook, listen to old school hip hop, and work on some creative writing project. Just no more stand-up comedy, as holistic medicine can be even more healing than laughter :) 


Published articles:

Continuing Education:
  • Advanced Clinical Externship with Dr. Frank Butler at Evolve Health & Wellness

  • Advanced Clinical Externship with Dr. Clayton Shiu at The Shiu Clinic

  • Tui-Na Massage for Back, Neck, Shoulder, and Knee Pain with Dr. Frank Butler

  • Motor Points for Back, Neck, Shoulder, and Knee Pain with Dr. Anthony Lombardi

  • Migraine Treatments with Dr. Ayla Wolff

  • Microbiome Mastery Course with Andrew Miles of Botanical Biohacking

  • Treatment of Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia with Suzanne Robideaux

  • Treatment of Psychiatric Conditions or "Heart Shock" with Ross Rosen

  • Post-Concussion Treatments and Cranial Nerve Science with Dr. Ayla Wolff

  • Autoimmune Protocol with Chris Volesky

  • Oncology Support with Dr. Frank Butler

  • Stroke Rehab with Dr. Clayton Shiu

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